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Welcome to DmB Yachting Group and thank you for proceeding to our registration page. Our goal is to find you the very best opportunities so you can develop and elevate your professional career. We require all crew members to poses at a minimum, the following:

  • STCW Training & Certification 
  • Valid seafarers medical certification
  • Meet MLC Minimum age requirements to work onboard
  • Valid passport
  • Understand & agree to our ‘Applicants Agreement‘ 


CaptainDeck OfficerDeck CrewChief EngineerSenior EngineerJnr EngineerETO AV/ITChief Steward/essSenior Steward/essSteward/essPurserHead ChefSous/Crew Chef

Please include additional skillset/qualifications, i.e Instructor, Masseuse, Carpentry, Nurse, MTU, Fusion cooking, Ice sculpting etc..

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