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WELCOME TO DMB Yachting Group

DmB Yachting Group was built on a foundation of industry expertise and the desire to help people succeed. This, combined with a genuine passion for yachting, creates a superior recruitment service that delivers exceptional results for clients and candidates. This unique approach is underpinned by a dynamic recruitment model and lean, collaborative and flexible working methods that always deliver results.

Every day, luxury superyachts navigate the world’s oceans and seas, delivering exceptional service and experiences for those onboard. Behind this premium service is one important factor; the crew. That’s what we’re here for; we have no other agenda than your success. We love what we do, and it’s our mission to connect with our clients and candidates by building genuine relationships.

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Introducing Dean Bennett, Founder and Director, DmB Yachting Group

Hi, I’m Dean, founder and director of DmB Yachting Group. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope you find what you were looking for. If not, please drop me a line directly, and I’ll be only too happy to help.

For those who do not yet know me, I wanted to share a little about who I am and why I established DmB Yachting Group. Firstly, I’m London born, globally raised and have spent the last 11 years working in the Superyacht industry as chief officer.

My passion for sailing began at an early age, and after taking part in several racing regattas, my love for being on top of and diving beneath the waves grew. Shortly after immersing myself in the nautical and underwater world, I established a vast network of like-minded people, which led to me taking the necessary steps to leave life ashore and pursue a career at sea. My first port of call, like many, was the major yachting hub of Antibes in the South of France.

Here, I witnessed firsthand the beauty, size and complexity of the Superyacht industry and where I secured my first position as a deckhand and onboard divemaster for a 56m shadow (support) vessel. The people and uniqueness of this new world blew me away, and I had the privilege of being guided by excellent mentors – I’m still friends with those people today.

What followed were amazing opportunities working directly for royal families, world leaders and founders of the world’s largest companies and the incredible opportunity to navigate to the most pristine destinations on the planet.

Genuinely valuing these experiences, I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with the next generation of ambitious and professional seafarers to help them achieve their dream job and get one step closer to the life they’ve always wanted.

It has been the people I’ve met and the relationships formed over the last decade working as a chief officer onboard prestigious superyachts that set the foundations for DMB Yachting Group.

I believe in honesty, transparency and commitment. If these are the guiding principles in all your professional and personal relationships, you can’t go far wrong.

I look forward to learning about your story and how we can work together.


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