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Already registered with DmB Yachting Group?

For us to work together in accordance with the MLC and keep you updated with the latest employment opportunities make sure your account is up to date.

You can head over to your online portal & let us know your earliest availability as well as uploading your latest CV and certification, please ensure all files are labelled with your name and the certificate name. Add expiry dates where applicable; 

    • Contact details (inc WhatsApp)
    • Employment status 
    • Ideal position
    • Updated CV (word)
    • Written references (min. of 3)
    • Copy of your passport
    • Visa (e.g B1B2/C1D) 
    • STCW + Refreshers
    • Valid ENG1 (or seafarers medical) 
    • Certificate of Competency (inc. limitations page) 
    • Other (food menus, Instructor, equivalents) 

Updating your account is quick and easy but if you have any issues please let us know
* Click the email icon and use the email address you regirstered with to log in
* Files must be transferred from a physical device and not cloud storage (i.e. iCloud, Dropbox, Drive etc.)

* TIP: The Portal has a sensible timeout feature for increased security. Have your files ready!