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At DmB Yachting Group we value people, education and guidance. We are proud to partner and collaborate with a handful of industry trusted companies, governments, training institutes and other organisations that are dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges facing the maritime industry. Our partners contribute significant value not only to those in our network but the wider industry as a whole. Their ideas, products and services are helping build stronger communities and opportunities for seafarers globally, with the goal of helping you accelerate and progress your career.

Galileo Maritime Academy is a team of professional instructors dedicated to all fields of maritime training. They provide courses from entry level STCW to advanced skills and service training for profressional crew.

It is a fundamental goal at Galileo to assist all graduates who are starting or developing their careers in the maritime industry to be able to flourish and enjoy the success they deserve as fully qualified and certified seafarers.

Engaging DmB Yachting Group will be the best decision you make